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Supplement Insurance & Alternative Health Plans

Having major medical insurance coverage is important. Adding these products simply enhance and provides complete insurance protection.

Supplemental insurance products such as cancer, disability and accidental injury policies, provide you with money to pay for some of the expenses not covered by major medical insurance. 

Alternative insurance solutions work if your without major medical insurance or if you have existing major medical insurance buy are looking for fixed benefit coverage to fill coverage gaps such as deductibles or out of pocket expenses. These are called alternative and metal gap plans.

Short Term/Temporary Health Insurance. This type of insurance is a perfect solution for individuals needing insurance for the short term. Basically 30 days to 12 months. 

Major Life Changes

A critical illness, extended hospital stay, disability, or an accidental injury can often create expenses you don't see coming. Supplemental insurance can give you simple, budget-friendly way to prepare for these expenses.

Listed below are just a few our our selected insurance providers for this type of insurance. Need some other options? Just use the contact link below and let us know what your looking for to fit your needs.



Critical Illness Plans


Accident Plans



Alternative & Metal Gap Plans

IHC Premier ( Best Value)

IHC Choice Solutions

IHC Metal Gap


Telemedicine, Dental, RX, Vision





Dental & Vision Plans

IHC Dental

Security Life

Spirit Dental

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