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Dental Plans

Dental insurance can help prevent small dental problems from developing into large ones by helping to pay for routine exams and checkups. And of course dental insurance can help defray the cost of highly expensive, cosmetic, and restorative dental procedures, should they be necessary.

Most dental policies will offer coverage for preventative care, such as regular cleanings and X-rays. Restorative work, such as fillings and crowns, can be considered, extra, and charged accordingly. The main reason you may consider a dental insurance policy is to protect you from large bills for expensive procedures like root canals and extractions.

Membership dental savings plans are not dental insurance, put discounted programs instead. These provide benefits on dental savings up to 60% off what you would pay-out-of-pocket. Plus offers no monthly fees or copays, no waiting periods, no paperwork hassles and no annual limits. It's that easy. Participating dentists have agreed to accept a discounted fee from these plans as payment in full for dental services performed. Our Dental Plans network has over 131,000 dentist nationwide. Need to learn more about the plans? Contact us and we'll help you select a plan that fits your needs and budget. 

Another plus is, no annual limits and you can use your plan as needed. Plus these plans may even be used to reduce you out-of-pocket dental care costs once you reached the annual maximum on your other dental insurance.

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